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As such, I have worked on projects coordinator duties related to national educational virtual world system as well as virtual environment (vacademia.uz). This project was based on geometric modeling, visualization methods and software tools of 3D models of objects in virtual environments. The purpose of the project is to develop algorithms for the representation and visualization of 3D models of exterior and interior objects in the organization of a virtual university, as well as a software tool for creating 3D models in the organization of a virtual university. The 3D national virtual university system is a three-dimensional virtual educational environment in the meta-existence, the first virtual existence (VB) environment related to education in Uzbekistan. teachers and students participate in classes with three-dimensional characters (avatars), and virtual classes are virtual in the form of traditional real-life classes. E-learning is completely different from technology, in which teachers and students are remotely active in a virtual environment. The project layout of 3D models of the educational institution will be included on the virtual map, and it will be possible to move from one place to another with the help of the object of movement and teleportation. It serves to introduce educational institutions in Uzbekistan to global observers, to create knowledge, interest and attractiveness based on methods based on virtual presence technologies and to present them to the general public. Also, students will have the opportunity to use qualitatively designed virtual educational materials. This 3D national virtual university system: • Organization of classes in ready-made virtual 3D university system; • Creation of virtual university 3D objects in meta entity (Interior, exterior, character (avatar)); • Development of VR landscape design and 3D objects; • Organization of virtual exhibitions in the metaverse. 3D content, landscape designs expand human imagination, serve to more widely imprint our knowledge about the subject and object in our memory. It is effective in transferring practical lessons remotely using a computer to the environment of the virtual world and organizing them using virtual objects in this virtual environment. In addition, all aspects of science can be explained and taught, and students themselves will have the opportunity to use it virtually. In my free time, I like to read technical science books, playing chess and football.

Work experience

PhD (Technical science) at the Department of Audiovisual Technologies of Department of Audio-visual technology at Tashkent university of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi

From 2020-01-03 to 2023-01-04


PhD (Technical science), Department of Audio-visual technology of virtual reality systems, 3D modeling, 3D virtual worlds, 3D Virtual Learning Environment at Tashkent university of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi

From 2020-01-03 to 2023-01-04