Cognitive and Language Sciences | Article | Published 2020


Publisher: Open Science LLC
Collection: Science and Education
Keywords: intercultural communication, competence, culture, language, English, cultural iceberg, methodology


The article provides information about cultural iceberg, intercultural communication competence and ways of forming it in teaching English. It is known that in teaching a foreign language it is important to develop not only the language skills of students, but also their intercultural communication competence. Intercultural communication, international cultural competence, differences between cultures play an important role in language learning and teaching, and extra-linguistic aspects of intercultural communication (worldview, rituals, customs, human language, taboos, stereotypes, the role of society in multiculturalism, image, symbols) it is important to use culturally appropriate features in communication (greetings, ways of expressing politeness, ways of addressing, idioms, etc.) as well as to explore aspects of another language culture.


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